CXsemi was founded in 2010 to provide professional, efficient, and high quality technical service to our customers. Our specialty is in the sales and service of semiconductor inspection equipment, AOI, microscope,etc. Our corporate core values are integrity, efficiency, passion, and patience.  We are a customer service driven company and we strive to bring best values to our customers.  Our team is always extending our core technology to emerging applications and to meet more customers’ requirements.  This is our way of creating long term values that would benefit our customer. In 2015, CXsemi provide several brand new model type systems , such as CD Overlay; OpticProfiler and AWL wafer loader. With the advancement of semiconductor process technology, circuit patterns become more complex. Therefore, our customized optical inspection design is very popular in the market, and customers report that our service can best solve their bottlenecks in quality control and inspection.

CXsemi would like to become your trusted and reliable long term partner.