Based on the concept of in-situ, we provide intelligent and real-time optical inspection services for industrial production lines, improve process yields and reduce production losses, which is our long-term goal!
The company has two customer service departments, optical inspection & machine vision. Optical inspection services include microscopes, particle surfscans, and equipment developed using physical optics such as interference, reflection, refraction and other technologies. They are mainly used in semiconductor wafer factories to measure CD Ovelay, wafer warpage, stress, thickness, defects, etc.
Machine vision services are specifically designed to meet the needs of smart semiconductor manufacturing. Monitoring systems are designed to be embedded in process equipment to collect data and detect abnormal phenomena in real time, which is of great help to improve yields and reduce losses in customer production lines.
In the field of AOI, CXsemi cooperates with industry experts, signed a contract with ITRI to obtain authorization, and also received guidance from university professors to integrate physical optics and machine vision to meet the real market demand for smart manufacturing. We have many precious performance cases. Interested friends are welcome to call us at +886-3-6589877, or refer to our Facebook fan page and YouTube channel.