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LED Sapphire Surfscan

NWL 860
NWL 860

Model No.: NWL 860

Conected to Eclipse L200 Nikon microscopes, Optiphot 300/200/200C/150 models.

Wafer size : 8 to 6 inches (conforms to both SEMI and JEIDA)

Wafer cassette : Fluoroware PA182-60MB,  Fluoroware PA192-80M

Wafer transfer with robotic transfer with vacuum chuck

Non-contact pre-alignment

Orientation flat/notch detection : by transmitted type sensor. Wafer angle before and after inspection can be specified in increments of 90°

Dedicated stage (rotatable 360°) with vacuum chuck

Vacuum : Pressure 600mm Hg (80kPa) or less. Displacement 10nl/min or more

Power source : AC 100V/120V, 220V/240V +/-10%, 50/60Hz, 3.5A max