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LED Sapphire Surfscan

LED Sapphire Surfscan
LED Sapphire Surfscan


LED Sapphire Surfscan

1. Configuration Patek Philippe Replica 

   -Wafer size: 2”~4”  

ght source: 100W Halogen + Light fiber
   -Optical Resolution:  5um
   -Miniman inspect width: 15um
   -7.4K pixel 40MHz Line CCD
   -3.5u MTF 1X lens
   -50 seconds tact time @2” and less than 1000 particles / wafer
   -Dimension (cm) 75.5 x 62 x 72
   -Weight 85Kg


2. Advantage Rolex Deepsea Replica   

- Auto detect and calculate the defect , reduce human mistake 
   -Programmable data report
   -High throughput and accuracy


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